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Depression Therapy

Find happiness again

Depression Therapy

Find happiness again

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Do you feel like your energy is gone and you’ve been robbed of your happiness?

Depression Therapy helps you manage low moods while building confidence for facing life’s demands.

  • Find ways to strengthen your sense of self
  • Learn how to regain your energy
  • Find happiness again

Depression can feel like even the simple tasks have become difficult, and life has been robbed of joy.

Depression isn’t just about having low moods and having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Depression can make your whole body ache. Having depression may make it hard to connect to your purpose in life and may cause you to feel very alone.

Signs of Depression

  • Lack of ability to manage negative emotions I find myself snapping at my family over little things, and I feel so sad for no reason
  • Experience of unexpected weight gain or weight loss I just lay around in the evenings, eating everything in sight. I’ve lost all my willpower
  • Feelings of body heaviness and muscle aches I feel so sore all over, I just want to lay on the couch and not move
  • Loss of interest in intimacy and physical pleasure My partner feels like I’m not interested in her anymore, and we’re arguing all the time
  • Loss of interest in daily life, such as work and family activities I used to be the one at work to volunteer for extra projects all the time. Now I struggle to do the bare minimum

Therapy helps you understand depression, learn ways to manage it and become confident in your abilities to manage life’s stressors.

Common Myths

“I should just be able to snap out of it.”

These are words I hear many people experiencing depression say. This is a false belief that has people feeling guilty for not having the strength to ‘snap out of it’. Depression is a mental health problem that takes time to heal. It’s not fixed overnight and it’s not generally resolved without support and guidance.

“I just feel so slammed down, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like myself again.”

This is a common statement I hear people with depression talking about. Even though depression can cause an overwhelming sense of despair and negative energy seeking help can bring hope and tools for recovering your energy and sense of joy in life again.

“I’m admitting I’m a real mess if I have to seek help.”

Another thing I hear people with depression saying. The belief you are at your worst if you need help managing your mental health and your emotions is a false belief created by stigma that still exists in our cultures. The fact of the matter is that seeking therapy means you are courageous and are prioritizing your own wellbeing. This is a proactive step to take to learn new ways of managing in very difficult circumstances.

Depression counselling helps you regain control of your life and learn tools to reach your goals and have a fulfilling life.

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