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Couples Therapy

Improve emotional & physical intimacy

Couples Therapy

Improve emotional & physical intimacy

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Are You Worried Your Relationship Is In Trouble?

Couples Therapy helps you resolve issues and deepen your closeness and emotional connection with your partner.

  • De-escalate conflict
  • Deepen understanding & communication
  • Improve emotional & physical intimacy

Why Aren’t We Like We Used To Be?

There are probably many issues and life stressors that have brought you to asking “Why aren’t we like we used to be?” and to where you are struggling to find the joy you once had in your relationship. Relationships are complicated and a disconnection can occur where you may notice a pulling away in the time you spend together, tension where there used to be intimacy, your goals going in different directions.

Signs of Relationship Troubles

  • Communication Breakdown We don’t listen to each other anymore, and when we talk we just seem to argue
  • Infidelity How do I ever trust again after they cheated on me
  • Different Goals & Values It seems like we are going in two different directions and we can’t agree on what’s important anymore
  • Sexual Intimacy I feel like we are not connecting physically anymore
  • Financial Struggles We can’t agree on how to spend our money, I want to save up and she wants to spend
  • Parenting Disagreements We are so opposite in our idea of parenting
  • Trust & Betrayal After he broke my trust, how can I ever be vulnerable again
  • Emotional Disconnection We don’t seem close anymore and I feel so alone
  • Power struggles We argue over who gets to decide how things go
  • Life transitions We don’t see eye to eye on how to move through the big changes happening in our lives


Common Myths

Our relationship is new. What’s the point of coming for marriage counselling until we’ve been together awhile?

Many couples think they need to be together for years and try to fix things on their own before seeking counselling. Waiting for years when you feel things aren’t going well means more hurts can occur along the way. Taking steps to enhance your relationship at any time, and especially when the relationship is new, is a valuable way to shape your relationship to be the most fulfilling it can be. Couples therapy helps you discuss your dreams and priorities in life and establish strategies for meeting your dreams together. Couples therapy helps you strengthen what is working between the two of you and fix what is suffering.

Does coming for couples therapy mean there’s a weakness in our relationship?

It’s a common thought shaped by stigma about mental health that says coming for therapy means people aren’t strong enough to figure things out on their own. At Transforming Tides Counselling we believe that coming for therapy is acting with courage to prioritize what is most important in your life and learn ways to make it better.

Isn’t marriage therapy only for relationships on the brink of divorce?

Marriage therapy can be helpful at any time in your relationship where you feel things are not going as well as you’d like, or where you find yourselves struggling with issues such as communication, financial pressures, intimacy challenges and you can’t seem to find the way through them alone. Therapy helps you discuss issues in a safe and supportive environment and explore tools for enriching your marriage together.

What if the counsellor takes my partner’s side and ignores my side of things?

This is a common concern of many people when they make plans to start couples therapy. At Transforming Tides Counselling our therapists are impartial and never take sides. They are there to create a safe and non judgmental space so that no one feels their point of view is wrong. Both of you will be treated kindly and encouraged to express your thoughts, feelings, worries and fears in a comfortable environment.

Couples therapy offers you a chance to resolve issues causing disconnection, identify meaningful goals for the future and find the way forward again.

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