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Grief Therapy

Find meaning in your grief

Grief Therapy

Find meaning in your grief

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Who knew grief could knock you flat?

Grief therapy compassionately helps you navigate life and integrate the heaviness of loss.

Who knew grief could knock you flat?
  • Navigate life with loss
  • Honour with meaningful rituals
  • Find meaning in your grief

How can I do life alone?

This is a common question we hear people asking, “How can I do life alone, without my loved one?” Losing a loved one can feel like you’ve been robbed of all that was familiar and suddenly everything feels upside down. Grieving is uncharted territory for most of us and it can feel completely overwhelming.

Signs Your Grief Is Derailing You

  • Uncontrollable Emotions. It’s been weeks and I still can’t stop sobbing.
  • Lack of Everyday Functioning. I can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t get out of bed.
  • Isolating Yourself. I can’t interact with people like I used to.
  • Thoughts of Hurting Yourself. I may as well not be here, I can’t go on alone.
  • Struggling to Make Meaning.  I’m so lost, I can’t make sense of this.


Common Myths

Grief Therapy is only for situations of traumatic loss.

This is a common belief, as situations of traumatic or sudden, unexpected death are complicated to navigate. The truth is, however, that grief therapy can benefit anyone who’s dealing with loss. Grief therapy helps you process what losing your loved one means to you, how to feel happy again and how to rebuild your life without your loved one in it.

Going for Grief therapy means I’m weak.

The belief you are weak if you need help managing your mental health and your emotions is a false belief created by stigma that still exists in our cultures. The fact of the matter is that seeking therapy means you are courageous and are prioritizing your own wellbeing. This is a proactive step to take to learn new ways of managing in very difficult circumstances.

Taking time for therapy is over indulging myself when I should just carry on.

Thinking you shouldn’t take time to process your loss, and that you need to carry on and be strong for others is a common belief. It’s hard to give yourself permission to get support for yourself when there are many demands on your time and energy, and you have others depending on you. Grief therapy is a way to help you value your own wellness while you learn skills to strengthen for the road ahead. Focusing on your own needs increases your inner resilience, and helps you see your unique path of adjustment for the future.

Grief Therapy Can Help You Feel Supported And Find Strength And Hope For Adjusting Your Life Around Your Loss

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