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What We Treat

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Working with a therapist gives you an opportunity to reflect in a safe space and work through difficult thoughts and situations in your life so that you can get unstuck from emotional distress that holds you back in your life.  Therapy helps you manage difficult emotions, strengthen your relationships and cope with overwhelming and traumatic past circumstances so that you can live a full and meaningful life.  

At Transforming Tides Counselling our therapists practice evidence informed treatment methods so that you can get the best outcomes possible.  The therapists are trained to work with a variety of problems, such as those listed below.  If you are looking for help with something you don’t see listed below, please reach out to us.

Alcohol & Other Substances Addiction Recovery

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t get through the day without using alcohol or other substances to numb your stress and anger?

Do you worry your loved ones might give up adjusting their lives around your drinking or substance use and get to the point of leaving you?

Taking the step to recognize you need help with overusing alcohol or other substances is a big step.  Knowing which way to turn for help and where to begin making change is difficult, especially if you have life’s stress weighing you down.  

Setting your sights on what matters most in your life is the first step to finding more health and happiness.  At Transforming Tides Counselling we work with you on a plan to help your brain and body recover from depending on alcohol or other substances while at the same time helping you learn to deal with all those overwhelming feelings threatening to derail you.  While working with Transforming Tides Counselling you will learn to face past traumas and deep fears while working toward living a life you are proud of today, on your own terms.  

Reach out now to get the support you need.

Adjustment Disorder

How do you find your center when life seems completely upside down?

Finding yourself struggling with life transitions and situations that feel beyond your control can be very challenging.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with which way to turn in the face of coming to a new country and struggling with “Who am I now?”,
  • Facing job change or unemployment
  • Managing serious and unexpected illness
  • Dealing with grief over the loss of loved ones…

Issues beyond your control that crop up when you least expect them can rock your sense of the world and your beliefs around how life is supposed to be.

At Transforming Tides Counselling we know how unsettling life transitions can be. We understand how emotions can be upside down while questions about where to find meaning and purpose in the face of extreme changes leave you confused and questioning.

We help you explore what you value most in life, even in the midst of change, so that you can focus on steering your choices to overcome obstacles in your path. Therapy can help you recognize the emotions that are behind your overwhelm, and guide you in finding your own ability to cope and manage during hard times. Therapy helps you find empowerment for living the meaningful life you most want.

Reach out to get the support you need.

We will help you move through life’s challenges and find your balance once more.

Anger & Uncontrollable Emotions

Do you experience angry outbursts or have trouble controlling your anger?

Anger is a normal human emotion in certain situations where you may be treated unjustly.  Uncontrolled or frequent angry outbursts however can end up causing distress for yourself and for those around you.  Misplaced anger can cause trouble for you in your relationships, problems at your workplace, and even legal issues for you.  

Therapy provides a safe and understanding space for you to learn to understand the root causes of your anger and develop skills for managing out of control emotions and expressing how you feel in healthy ways.  You will learn ways to control your temper in stressful situations and be able to show up as the person you want others to respect.  Regain control of your anger and reach out for support.


Do you struggle with worries that are stuck on repeat in your mind?

Do you tend to avoid situations where you are afraid you might panic and embarrass yourself? Do you find your mind racing or your heart pounding and have trouble calming down?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health challenges.  The pressures of trying to get ahead in this world, trying to exceed in your career, earn enough to live comfortably and do all the things you want to do in this life are overwhelming.  

Counselling can help you manage anxiety and strengthen how you feel about yourself so you feel more confident to tackle life’s demands.  Counselling offers new tools for moving forward and lessening the negative impact of anxiety on your life. 


Do you find yourself feeling mentally and physically exhausted after working a shift, even when the work seems pretty straight forward?

Are you losing your motivation and interest in things at work that used to matter a lot to you?

Burnout is a serious issue in the workforce, and it can cause a number of illnesses that affect your physical and mental health. Burnout can happen when the demands of your job are piled on, over and over and you don’t have the support or help to meet all the demands. You may find yourself feeling disconnected from your job, feeling helpless, under appreciated and down on yourself.

If you think you might be experiencing burnout, you are not alone. About one third of workers say they have experienced burnout at one time in their work lives. At Transforming Tides Counselling we understand burnout and will help you regain your energy, your sense of purpose and your health.

Reach out and book a Free Consultation with one of our therapists to explore ways to recover from burnout.

Chronic Pain or Illness

Has your life been significantly impacted by chronic pain or illness?

Experiencing chronic pain or being diagnosed with a chronic illness can affect your day to day routines and lifestyle.  You may have to develop new skills for doing what you used to take for granted, and you may have to give up activities that you enjoy.  Needing support from others may lead to feelings of guilt and regrets around a loss of independence.  Therapy helps you navigate the changes chronic pain or illness create in your life while helping you find new meaning and enjoyment in life, even with limitations.

Communication, Conflict Resolution, Coping Skills

Do you find it hard to open up and find the right words to say what you are thinking in times of conflict?

Do you struggle to manage your emotions in times of tension and stress?

Sharing your thoughts in a meaningful way, managing tense situations for a good outcome and coping in stressful times are challenges many people face. Therapy helps you learn to regulate your emotions so you can think clearly, listen with intention and pick up on cues to make your conversations productive and successful. Therapy helps you learn strategies and skills to be confident in going deeper in times of conflict to resolve issues and strengthen relationships where it matters.

Couples Relationship / Marriage Therapy

Are you worried your relationship is in trouble?

Are you and your partner finding it hard to share your thoughts without name calling, sarcasm and losing your cool with each other?

Living life inside a fulfilling and joyful relationship can mean the world to you. Healthy relationships are known to help us live longer and feel more secure as we age. But when your relationship feels uncertain and there’s a lot of ups and downs in your life together, this can bring a lot of pain and insecurity. Struggling to feel that loving connection that you most want in the midst of arguments and tension can be exhausting and extremely unsettling.

At Transforming Tides Counselling we tailor counselling sessions to fit each couple we work with. We help you dream and recognize the wishes you have for your relationship and how you can uniquely move forward. Through conversations with your therapist you will develop new realizations about the people you and your partner have grown into and focus on what is important now, versus what was important in earlier years of your relationship.


Do you feel sad, down and irritable?

Do you have trouble feeling the enjoyment you used to feel?

Depression is a struggle for many people and it can seem to rob you of joy and happiness. Feeling a deep sense of fatigue day after day can take away your sense of purpose and focus in life. Depression may go hand in hand with feelings of guilt and hopelessness. People with depression often speak about wishing they could just “snap out of it” and then feeling guilty when they can’t. The overwhelming sense of despair, gloom and negative energy can be all consuming.

At Transforming Tides Counselling we believe the client is at the center of our work together and everything we do as therapists is designed to support and strengthen the resilience of each client we work with. Our therapists are first and foremost compassionate. We have all been there, and we know how hard it can be to talk with a stranger and try new things when you are already feeling overwhelmed.

Grief & Loss

Are you feeling desperate with the heaviness of missing a loved one who’s died?

Does it seem impossible to imagine going forward without your loved one being there?

Grief can feel like you’ve been hit by an overwhelming tidal wave of pain, loss and uncertainty. You may find it difficult to sleep and to eat and to focus on anything but your loved one. As the days go on you may feel unsure of which way is up and you may feel like you don’t know how you’ll ever go about your days and attend to the simplest of things again. Grief can feel all consuming, making it hard to breathe and focus and make decisions.

Grief therapy is a way to accept your loss and process what it means for your life and make sense of all the mix of heavy emotions such as regret, anger and guilt. It can help you find ways to honor and remember your loved one. It can help you figure out your life without your loved one and gently move forward as you adjust to new ways of being.

Life Transitions

Is a change in your life causing you to feel uncertain, stressed or overwhelmed?

Making your way through life transitions can be a rocky and difficult journey. Significant changes may be caused by the pain of divorce, job loss, career change or retirement, unexpected disability, marriage, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, a move… all of which can be overwhelming to manage. Therapy can help you process the overwhelming emotions and develop tools to manage the stress of the change so you can feel confident and focused in the midst of upheaval. You will also learn ways to handle future transitions so you can tackle significant changes in your life with more ease.

Nutrition and Mental Health

Do you struggle with eating when you’re feeling depressed or anxious?

Are you noticing your mood tanking after you eat certain foods?

Stress, depression and anxiety often show up with digestive issues that can add to the challenge of managing your mental health. Figuring out how to support your physical discomfort as well as your mood and your mental health is part of the journey toward wellness. It’s also possible to strengthen your mood through the foods you eat. At Transforming Tides Counselling our nutritionist specializes in supporting you when you’re feeling anxious and stressed. Working with our nutritionist helps you develop the skills to manage eating for a balanced and healthy mood.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Therapy

Do you experience intrusive and unwanted thoughts, images or urges that cause you to do repetitive behaviors to reduce your stress?

Experiencing OCD causes people to do repetitive actions even though they know their thoughts and actions are irrational. Not being able to stop their thoughts or behaviors can lead to feelings of shame, embarrassment, guilt and anxiety. Therapy helps you lessen the anxiety that is driving your compulsions and obsessive thoughts and helps you learn ways to change thought patterns and problem habits. Working with a therapist helps you come to understand and accept yourself as you are, and find the tools you need to live the life you most want to live.

Social Anxiety Therapy

Do you avoid social situations and feel anxious and embarrassed in public?

Having social anxiety can cause you to worry excessively about what others think of you, and can mean you avoid going out to social events and feel self conscious and nervous even in non threatening situations. Therapy can help you learn ways to manage the negative thoughts and beliefs causing your anxiety and help you feel more positive about yourself. You will learn to feel confident and at ease about yourself and be able to enjoy social time with those who matter most to you. Transforming Tides Counselling is here to help.

Stress Management Therapy

Are you overwhelmed by too many demands and too little time?

Do you find yourself losing sleep and getting short tempered because you’re completely overwhelmed?

Experiencing stressful situations is a normal part of life, yet feeling stressed all the time can leave you feeling anxious, exhausted and irritable. Chronic stress can feel like you are on high alert and unable to relax. This can result in the deterioration of your mental and physical health, and can affect your relationships with friends and family. At Transforming Tides Counselling we are here to help you develop healthy coping strategies so that life’s demands don’t feel so overwhelming. We help you feel connected and secure within your own abilities, so you can face tasks with ease and confidence.


Are you stuck in the grip of a past event so that you have trouble moving forward and living fully today?

Trauma can cause you to have unwanted memories, avoid activities and places, feel hypervigilant and be caught in feelings of anxiety, guilt or shame. Physical and emotional side effects of traumatic events may impact your daily life and your relationships with people close to you. Therapy helps you process traumatic events, explore thoughts and beliefs that hold you stuck and help you develop the tools for living a healthy life. Working with a therapist will lead you to have more control over your emotions, more ability to manage stress so you can rebuild relationships and have confidence in yourself again. Therapy will help you find hope and renewed energy.